FKT: Whitney Pearson - Vermont 4000ers (VT) - 2023-09-21

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just the peaks
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Total time
10h 0m 44s
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It was a great day to be back on the 4000 footers in VT! 

Summary of my trip:

9:41 AM start time on Killington (ski trails out and back)

Drove to Sugarbush to complete Ellen/Abraham (up the access rd, out and back to Abraham on the LT and over to Ellen, down ski trails)

Drove to Camels Hump (Burrows trail)

Drove to Mansfield (LT to summit!)

The weather was great and little went wrong, with the driving this is definitely an FKT attempt you want to complete in the "off season" and on a weekday to avoid traffic congestion through the small towns. If I were to do anything different I would have also printed out driving directions. I spent about 10 extra minutes on the drive from Camels Hump to Mansfield as my maps couldn't get a data connection. I would also have started earlier in a perfect world so my summit to Mansfield would have been in the daylight, but due to life (kids LOL) I could only get to Killington by a certain time. It looks like I spent about 24 miles on foot with about 11K feet of elevation gain. I spent a lot of time looking over the previous attempts on this FKT and I think the order that I did these is definitely the most efficient both hiking and driving but I would be interested to see if I could summit Mansfield quicker using the Hell Brook trail. 

I made sure I had everything packed for each TH ahead of time so there was no replenishing, it was grab and go and I wasted no time!

I am always so impressed with the trails in VT and all that the GMC does to maintain them.