FKT: Will Brewster, Kevin Boyle - Green Bay Trail (IL) - 2023-11-25

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 1m 42s

Another FKT for the Grayslake Distance Project! This makes the 6th and final FKT in Lake County, IL for the GDP. 

We started at the northern terminus. There appears to be some confusion about where exactly this is, however, I believe there is a clear northern terminus which should be followed for any future attempts. The description of the route on the FKT website says the trail starts at the intersection of St. Johns Ave and Sheridan Rd. It looks like Greg Nance ran further north into downtown Highland Park during his attempt. There is a clear start to the trail at the south end of the train station parking lot. This is where we started and finished and I believe this makes the most sense. It is also just north of the St. johns Ave and Sheridan Rd intersection. 

We ran south and turned around at the southern terminus, which is where the trail ends at the Poplar Dr and Greenleaf Ave intersection. We ran a little further south on accident before realizing we had already hit the turnaround point. We turned around, ran north, and finished at the northern terminus, which is where the trail ends at the train station parking lot in Highland Park, as previously described above. 

We took nothing with us except the trusty GDP singlets. Another solid effort with Kevin Boyle. 

Shoutout to Greg Nance! He is a legend and it was an honor to go after his FKT today. 

-submitted by Will Brewster