FKT: William Connell - Suffern - Bear Mountain Trail (NY) - 2021-05-24

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
10h 51m 3s

On Monday May 24th at 5:15 I set out to complete a supported attempt of the SBM trail out and back. I decided to go supported as it would both be more fun with other folks involved, and also to see if that could help shave 15, maybe even 30 mins of off Matt's unsupported FKT...but no so much. I had my wife meet me at Kawanauke Rd (outbound and inbound) and the turn around at Bear Mt. for 3 aid stops total. I hovered around Matt's splits all day, and while the weather was cooler than we've had in the past week, the sun was still felt in the last 12mi section as I ran out of water at the shelter 5miles out, making it a bit of a struggle to sneak just about 4 mins under his time in 10:51. I'm sure given the right day with cooler (50's) temps and dry, but overcast conditions, this can easily fall 15-30mins in any category. The heavy amount of pollen didn't help either. Perhaps dropping a cache near the shelter, or even another one near West Mt (between Pyngyp and Bear) might be helpful.  


Shelter  - 1:14

3rd Res - 2:04

PIP        - 3:01

Bear Mt.- 4:55

PIP        - 7:11

3rd Res - 8:31

Shelter   - 9:31

Suffern   - 10:51