FKT: William Johnson - Whistler Canyon / Wildhorse Trail (WA) - 2018-05-21

Route Variation
Whistler Canyon TH to Mt Hull
Finish Date
Time (duration)
4h 59m 38s

I have only been running for 1.5 years and have gradually built up to half marathon distance at 47 years old. I thought this trail was very difficult due to the continuous uphill climb and extreme terrain. I carried 3+ liters of water in the PB backpack. My cabin is at the end of the 13 mile uphill so I brought some supplies for the night. Water, food, heavy 3lb revolver and extra clothes weighed me down on the run. Taking a 20 minute break at the picnic table slowed me but the view of the flooding valley was so nice. I was running delirious at times, so probably nice couger bait. Ducking limbs, climbing over fallen logs and watching for rattlesnakes while running in LUNA sandals is challenging. My 5 hour running time is good for me considering me and a friend walked it a week earlier in 6.5 hours. I realize elite runner on this website will destroy my time with a 1:30 min time. I run 4 miles around my block every other day and look forward to beating my 5 hour time in the future. Interesting is that this trail in exactly a half marathon distance, so a great run for a official race. Running it by myself was a enlightening experience in sandals.