FKT: William Johnson - Whistler Canyon / Wildhorse Trail (WA) - 2018-11-21

Route variation
Whistler Canyon TH to Mt Hull
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
3h 43m 0s

Best run in fall once deadfall trees cleaned up.


I have been training harder since the spring run and thus shaved over an hours time off.  I now run 6 miles every other day with my altra lone peaks.  I have added a chest holster from "gunfighters inc" to hold my revolver, which fits perfectly with the PB vest and doesn't bounce at all while running!  The first mile is very steep, mile 2-5 less steep and the running starts from 5-13 where there are some flats and still uphills that require fast hiking.  The total uphill gain is 3600 ft in 13 miles.  I ate 4 gels and carried 2 liters of water and extra stack bars.  Once you complete the run a friend can pick you up on top at the Wilcox trailhead on mt hull or you could  backtrack and finish the whole 26 miles.  The spring is flooded out and summer very hot with rattlesnakes, but fall is best with cleared deadfall, winter is good for 3ft+deep snowfall.   Take all right forks except at mile 10 take the wildhorse spring trail to left that is single track and up ridge.  I look forward to completing the whole 26 miles soon but I have only been running 2 years at age 47.  Bear, moose, cougar and 2 legged coyote frequent this trail.