FKT: Willie McBride - Guardian Peaks Trifecta (OR, WA) - 2020-06-24

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
22h 58m 0s

What an incredible day!  Very happy to have completed this challenge and set an FKT* 

(*To my knowledge no one had ever attempted or done this before...If you know of anyone who has, please let me know!)


My attempt was supported by my friend Greg Pressler who acted as driver and crew (and pacer for half of the Pahto climb) and by Yassine Diboun who paced me for the final climb on Loowit.  

Breakdown of the day follows:

12:10 am start at Timberline Lodge
4:14 am finish Wy’east climb (4:04 rt, solo)

We then drove to South Climb Trailhead via Trout Lake

7:29 am start Pahto climb
2:47 pm finish Pahto climb (7:18 rt, solo from Lunch Counter to summit and down)

We then drove to Climber’s Bivouac on Loowit 

6:29 pm start Loowit climb (we climbed the standard Monitor Ridge Route, NOT the Worm Flows Winter Route)
11:08 pm finish Loowit climb (5:03 rt, w/ Yassine Diboun)!


All in all things worked out very well!  Conditions varied widely and motivation/confidence definitely wavered on the big climb up Pahto in the middle of the day, but I was able to recover mentally and finish strong on Loowit, treated with a beautiful evening and the added companionship of my dear friend Yassine Diboun.  All water and food restocking was done between climbs at the crew vehicle.

Thrilled to have pulled this one off, after dreaming about possibility of the sub-24 hour Guardian Peaks Trifecta for a few years now!  Excited to see others get out there and give this one a shot!