FKT: Wilson Ruotolo, Brian Rohr - Mt Fuji (Japan) - 2023-09-09

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17h 11m 36s

We began at 4am during Typhoon Yun-Yeung. There was some incredible lightning in the distance, but we only had minor rain during our journey. Ran through the town of Fuji then some farmlands and then Murayama Ancient Trail. Murayama was an incredible route with a fog forest feel and great terrain. A little bit hard to route-find at times, but not terrible. This trail brought us to the base of the normal Fuji hike, where we followed a normal trail up the volcano portion to the summit. Not too crowded this late in the season. Came back down the same route. We brought our food and purchased sodas and other hydration from public vending machines and the aid stations scattered on the top portion of the Mt. Fuji hike. We ran the whole thing as a duo (me and Brian Rohr). All in all, excellent trip and highly recommend this path for anyone doing the same.