FKT: Wouter Hoogkamer - Monadnock - Wachusett (NH, MA) - 2022-05-18

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6h 44m 58s
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Well supported run, with Jake B running the trail sections over the Mts with me and riding his bike for a large part of the road sections, and with my wife meeting us regularly to check-in / resupply. Most of the time I was running with just a single bottle and a gel in my belt.

Very nice route, with great views near the summits, and long sections of quiet rail trail, although some road sections in MA were not super scenic. Seeing the Wachusett summit from Monadnock was somewhat concerning, but regularly seeing the Monadnock summit in the distance behind me was fun.

No restrooms at any of the trail heads, with port-a-potties on the Wachusett parking (M40) as the exception. And now I think about it, there might have been some near Dunn Pond (M33). 

While there's a road to the summit of Wachusett, it's only open Memorial Day Weekend until the last weekend of October and until sunset. Alternatively, there's multiple trails down if your legs are still up for that.

Many more details in the long write up on strava. And pictures too. The photo upload wasn't working for me today...