FKT: Wouter Hoogkamer - Nashua River Rail Trail (MA, NH) - 2022-07-10

Route variation
Out & Back
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Finish date
Total time
2h 31m 51s
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This was 3 FKTs on this segment in a single run.
- unsupported one way, on the way out 1:17:59
- self supported one way, on the way back 1:13:52 (I had put down one of my bottles on the way out)
- self supported Out & Back 2:31:51

I thought I had read somewhere that if I would bring everything with me from the start, put a bottle down and recollect it within the same FKT effort, it would count as unsupported, but I can't find that now, so I just went with self supported for the Out&Back.

I parked at the Southern Terminus in Ayer, at the rail trail parking. There were restrooms, just across the road from the starting point. Those were under construction, but there was a port-a-potty as well, as there were at the North Terminus parking. I started before 8am to beat the heat, and there weren't too many runners, cyclists or dog walkers out for the first few miles. As Iain mentioned: several road crossings, most were quiet roads, with the exception of Groton St in Pepperell and W Groton Rd in Nashua.

I had 16oz bottle with roctane in my belt and took 2 SIS gels. I carried a handheld 16oz bottle with roctane that I put down at mile 4.3, and picked it back up at mile 20.3.