FKT: Xander Keiter, Josh Lombardo - West Side Trail (ME) - 2021-01-03

Route variation
Standard Out-Back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 13m 38s

JoLo and I arrived at the Tyler Tech trailhead promptly at 8:30am after he tried to run me off the highway on the last few miles over to Yarmouth. There was more snow than we expected, and harder too. We decided to still give the FKT a shot, but if the footing proved too bad we would turn it into a base run. Luckily, our feet found many of the correct spots to land and our first couple of miles went by smoothly despite slippery and uneven footing. By that time we were well into it. We essentially tried to blast the Cousin's Island Bridge, and click off low 7s for most of the trail. 

The real gnarly part of this trail is its winding nature, which can really hinder any buildup of speed. I had a couple of falls because of quick turns and icy conditions but we recovered well. 

My GPS data appears shifted over (I did not run over the water next to the bridge), but Jolo's looks consistent. After looking at previous FKT's it looks like others have also had GPS issues on this route. 

All in all, we had a great time and put in a solid effort. We hope we can return in the summer and maybe sneak under 70 minutes!