FKT: Yee Chern Ng, Shermayne Chan, David Alexander, Nikki Wynd, John Yoon - Bowman's Track (VIC, Australia) - 2019-12-26

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Finish date
Total time
4h 39m 24s

Being in Melbourne celebrating Christmas, we looked up a good way to burn some excess Christmas calories and have a bit of an adventure somewhere new.

The Bowman's track showed up as an option and had an FKT that was done by Tim and Regan around Christmas a year before. We thought it would be fun to retrace some of their steps and have a fun day out.

For logistics, David and Nikki dropped a car off at the finish line on Christmas day.

On the morning of boxing day, John, Shermayne and I picked them up and headed to the start. The road to the start was bumpy with lots of pot holes. We parked out rental car in the bush and set off just before sunrise, hoping to come back to a car with its wheels still intact.

Having not run the route before, we were all happy with what it had to offer. Nice rolling hills, surrounded by trees, great views and perfect cool running weather.

It was a big petting zoo day for David as we came across various forms of wildlife, wallabies, a deer, a friendly fox, a pony, horses, dead snakes, alpacas, ostriches and a family of ducks with a protective father duck.
We were caught thinking that the finish line would be at the field with the Bowman’s track sign but it was another mile to get to the central hotel making it a sprint finish. (thanks for the GPS file Tim !)
We were not the speedsters that would be doing a sub 4 time on this day. but we did finish a few minutes ahead for a Boxing day Bonus on Bowman’s.

(for those interested, all wheels of the car were intact and there were no broken windscreens.)
(No animals were harmed or injured in the photos for the day.)