FKT: Yngwie Ocanas - Kokopelli Trail (CO, UT) - 2020-05-13

Route variation
one way
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
1d 21h 38m 0s
GPS track(s)

Yngwie got water at:

1) Salt Creek

2) Westwater RS (Doubled up so I didn't have to pull from McGraw Bottom) 

3)Dewey Bridge

4)Lower Fisher Creek at Hideout CG

5) Culvert under bridge, near Paradox Trail (Upper Fisher Creek)

6)Castle Creek

Final miles. Maxed out my watch.

A difficult battle in the high desert. Started with clouds and thunderstorms. Soon the lighting came with 40+mph gusts.🌬️ I hiked through the storm as it kept trying to sweep my legs from underneath me. It got calm in Rabbit Valley and kept rollin into the night. It was strange to arrive at Westwater with a plethora of vehicles with not a soul around. Eerie. 🌌 Doubled up on water to skip McGraw Bottom. Hardest part mentally and physically was Dewey Bridge to Fisher Valley. No good bail options at the heat of the day with only 2.5L to keep it light. Rose Garden Hill was so fun. I love technical downhills. Only rolled an ankle once. 🤣 I had to pull off to the side and lay in shade to keep from overheating a few times, also knowing my next creek wasn't for 22 miles. Climbing into the La Sal's was brutal with high 30s due to winds. Maxed out around 8600 feet and saw some snowpack still on the high jagged scree fields. From 2am to 6am, the second night, was a fatigue battle. Sight hallucinations of emoji faces from my headlamp. I was also leaning from time to time with an eye closed. I had to snap out of them to remember my junctions, I made one wromg turn earlier before McGraw Bottom. The last 10 miles was brutal. Both feet were nuked by muti-level blisters. Fine red sand had penetrated my socks. I learned alot about myself and my capacity, my longest time up moving (45Hr38Min) and furthest distance traveled in one go( (144.5). So many random moment like hearing packs of coyotes and having to wait on ranchers to move their cattle.🤠 I will do a write up soon! Happy to have set the bar for future unsupported wackos. 🤪