FKT: Zach Crim - Potawatomi Trail (MI) - 2020-05-20

Route variation
three loops
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
9h 25m 43s
GPS track(s)

The Potawatomi Trail is an iconic 18-mile loop in Pickney, MI (also winding its way through the town of Hell, which seems fitting) with around 2,000' of elevation gain per loop. A "Triple Potawatomi Trail" is exactly what it sounds like - 3 of these loops back to back to back. My watch lost GPS signal a few times, but still clocked it at 54.1 miles total, which includes running through a lakefront park that connects the trailheads at the start and finish.

I'm very honored to add my name to the list of runners who have held Potawatomi Trail FKTs - it has become a veritable "who's who" of Michigan endurance athletes.

Trip report: