FKT: Zach McCarthy - AMC 3 Huts Loop (NH) - 2021-08-16

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9h 2m 13s
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I took about an hour off the previous FKT by Jesse but know this route could be pushed much faster by a better athlete. It's a bit of low-hanging fruit and I look forward to seeing how fast someone can get it done in. Looking back I didn’t start very strong, let up in the northern presis a bit (always petrified of rolling an ankle out there), and I had a low the last 2 miles before Carter Notch and up to Wildcat A. Personally, I wanted to finish in sub 8 but it’s a hard loop and some parts are slow-moving due to terrain so overall I’m happy with the run.

I started at the Glen Boulder TH, went up to Lake of the Clouds Hut, tagged George, Clay, Jefferson, Adam’s, over to Madison Hut, tagged Madison, down Osgood Ridge, up 19 Mile Brook, short out and back to Carter Notch Hut, continue the Wildcats A-D, and ended back at the Glen Boulder TH.

Solo unsupported