FKT: Zachary Holloway, Brady Beagley - McKenzie River Trail (OR) - 2016-05-27

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
3h 14m 20s
GPS track(s)

From Clear Lake Trail Head at the beginning of the trail to the end (26.5) parking lot.
3:14:20 running time, I didn't realize there was a verified route on this FKT until I saw it recently. I looked back to 2016 when I ran the Mckenzie trail with a friend after our conference track championship. We had some stops so the 3:14:20 is the total time verified on Strava flyby including stops where our watches weren't running. Fun day with a pack and a few sport beans. We added on from the parking lot after we finished to get over 25. The watch had slow to 24 miles instead of the 26.5.