FKT: Zachary Lever - Canal Loop Trail (KY) - 2021-06-05

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1h 42m 58s

Run report LBL Canal Loop FKT

Started right smack in the middle of the heat at 1:08 PM. Location of start was southern “North Welcome Station” sign and finished in exact same spot. At .35 make sure and go right and follow blue trail markers for Canal Loop. At .35 you can also go straight and enter the N/S 59 mile trail system. I will be attempting that FKT at some point. 

At around mile 3 I went right when I should have gone straight. Straight was across a newly built foot bridge I didn’t recognize from my dozen or so times I’ve ran this loop. So I went right about .20 of a mile and saw yellow signs indicating a connector trail and not the canal loop. So I had to go back to exact same spot I went off the canal loop trail and resume on correct path. So I lost a few minutes there. At mile 6ish signs show blue going straight and blue going left. Left looked like a short cut over to trail that resumed on opposite side so after I went across I than went back to original point and went long way around in true FKT etiquette fashion. When in doubt go the way that is longer, I reckon. Finished at 10.69 miles. This accounts for my two misdirected errors. Route truly is about 10.4 as stated. All good though will make my time faster next time. Doing in fall or spring will improve my time a few minutes at least as well. 

Went unsupported of course with just a 10ish mile run. Took with me 60 ounces of fluid and consumed most all of it. Used ultimate direction vest. In cooler weather one could easily do with just a handheld water bottle. 

Well that’s it! My first FKT. Certainly faster times out there than this and hopefully someone goes out and destroys this time very soon.