FKT: Zachary Lever - Fort Henry Loop (TN) - 2022-02-12

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3h 43m 13s

On Saturday morning, February 12, I ran the Fort Henry Loop Trail. Started by tapping the number 22 sign, started gps watch and took off down the trail. Finish is in exact same spot. Tap the 22 number and stop your watch. This loop consists of trails from the Fort Henry trail system, Bear Creek trail, and a small 2 mile-ish portion of the Land Between the Lakes North/South Trail. Temps were in the 20s and the wind made it cold especially at the start. The weather would remain cloudy all day. The trail was hard packed frozen and engorged in leaves. I ran unsupported and carried all of my nutrition in my nathan vaporkrar 12L pack. For fluids, I had two soft flasks, water bladder in pack and one filter system bottle I kept in my pack, just in case I needed to extract water from the abundance of streams along the route.  I highly recommend running on this trail. It is a fast 21-mile route with no real monster hills. I will come back and put down a faster time for sure in the future. Just wanted to get this one on the big board. Great natural scenery and well-maintained trail. I recommend coming and doing a practice run or two before attempting at full speed. Their is a few tricking spots that can get you turned around and going in the wrong direction. See all the photos of maps posted, print those off and take a slow practice run if you have the time. I did this a few weeks ago and got all turned around. Have fun! I'll be back.