FKT: Zachary Lever - Montgomery Bell Trail (TN) - 2024-01-27

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 42m 38s

Its been several years since I had run out at MB park. Todays training workout called for approximately 20 miles with 100 feet of elevation on average per mile so doing this route twice would be exactly what I was looking for. I checked the FKT time for the route as it was idle for quite sometime and was happy to see Benny had posted a time. Nicely done Benny. Now you can go back and crush this time! 
The weather had rained all week and woukd rain all day. The trail was a stream pretty much 90% of the route. I knew it would be and I wasn’t sure I could get under the 10:07 pace set by Benny with the sloppy, driving down rain. 
I started in same place as Benny at the warehouse and went CCW. CW for my second loop did feel a bit more challenging. 
Anyway, CCW started out with a bit of elevation and I went out super easy. Settled in a bit once I went under the first yellow gate and the trail opens up dor a mile or so. Eventually my avg pace fell around 1010 and that’s when I told myself to go ahead and give the FKT a shot. Picked up the pace and comfortably settled into a slightly sub 10 pace for the remainder of the run. Used my running vest with 2 bottles and my handheld. Ate a banana enroute. Received no aid or help from anyone. Saw a couple people running opposite way and some dayhikers. Fun tines. Similar loop as canal loop up at LBL.