FKT: Zachary Sayre - White Pine Trail (MI) - 2020-04-17

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16h 27m 11s
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Hobbled 5 miles after setting the FKT to hit 100 miles. How could I not go for it? To add some context, this was my first time running over 50 miles! 100 mile time was 18:04:03.

My first 100 miler! so much to say. thanks to jonathan for crewing and pacing ALL day. absolute best i could have asked for. thanks to matthew, mom, and britt for hanging out and keeping me entertained! first time running over 50 miles haha also, take a look at that last mile. not quite sure how that was possible. thanks to everyone who followed along online for the kind words and inspiration to keep my moving. got the fkt in 16:27:11! doubted myself at several points but always knew it was going to take a lot to get me to quit. we are capable of so so much more than we realize. guess the 3 hours of sleep last night wasn't such a bad idea. okay, i'm done for now. lots to process!