FKT: Zander Webb - Pilgrims' Trail (United Kingdom) - 2023-05-27

Route variation
Standard point-to-point
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Total time
4h 29m 10s
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Caught the train to Winchester which included a couple of easy warm up KM's at either end. Setting off from Winchester Cathedral at about 7am underneath a bright blue sky, I carried 2 litres of fluids a combination of Tailwind in three and Tenzing in one. Topped up nutrition with Precision Fuel & Hydration Chews and Salt and Winegar crisps. Sipped my way through all my fluids steadily throughout the run popping an electrolyte tablet just over half way and had enough fluids for the distance despite the temperature rising significantly. Navigation was relatively straight forward using a combination of GPX and permanent way markers. The trail was bone dry and dusty for the most part with some paths noticeably less used, bush whacking, countless nettle stings and knee high grasses causing some frustration and slowing. Overall a solid morning out on the trails most of which were new to me!