FKT: Zander Webb - Thorney Island Loop (United Kingdom) - 2021-11-18

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 6m 51s
GPS track(s)

Ran the loop clockwise taking only 500ml water and 1 x SIS gel which I had just over the halfway mark.

Overall good running conditions underfoot, path in good condition with only a few soft patches. Coming out onto the Thorney Island Beach was a short stretch on sandy path which was followed by shingle towards the end of the southern side. Had a slight headwind heading north along the western path however pushed on with the path being firmer and dead straight coming back into Emsworth Yacht Harbour.

There are two electronic MOD gates to pass through on either side of the island which did involve a short wait to be buzzed through...oh and I stacked it dodging low branches in a short wooded section before the sandy beach! An enjoyable route none the less.