Podcast: Episode 103: Andy Wacker - 12 FKTs, all going full out

Andy Wacker - Fastest Known Time

We've heard from people doing the incredible high routes, going non-stop often above timberline for days - now let's hear from one of the fastest FKT runners out there!

"The pinnacle is the World Mountain Running Championships. It is the fastest, most extreme, version of trail running.  The speed and shortness makes you take chances you never would otherwise. One tiny mistake and five people pass you."

Andy has been on 14 US National Teams, so has terrific experience and perspective:

"There's something to learn from both these camps.  I'm often in the middle, seeing it from both sides.  Marathoners are very methodical, which really helps, but it's hard to keep that up for years without burning out.  So I do both, switching each year."

You need to hear Andy's stories - he's been there:

"On the first descent I ran a 4:04 mile so was in the lead, with Joe right with me, so we were 1-2 in the world. But on last downhill we still got passed by two people, going all out, so finished 3-4.  Those guys are incredible on technical descents."

Full CV

Andy Wacker

  • Age: 31
  • City: Boulder, CO, USA
  • Occupation -
    • Pro Runner for Nike Trail
    • High School Math and Science Teacher
    • Warehouse Grunt at Roll Recovery
  • Family: wife Karley Rempel
  • Running Highlights -
    • World Mountain Running Long Distance Championships:  2nd, 3rd, 5th
    • University of Colorado Cross Country: 2 time All American
    • USATF Trail Half Marathon Championships:  1st, 2016
    • USATF Trail 50k Championships:  1st, 2015
    • USATF National Teams:  14 (NACAC Mountain, World Mountain Running, World Long Distance Mountain Running, IAU Trail World Champs)
  • PR's -
    • 5k: 13:41
    • 10k:  28:52
    • Half Marathon: 1:03:25
    • Marathon:  2:17:34
    • Pikes Peak Ascent:  2:11:39
    • Pikes Peak Marathon: 3:58:44
  • Social Media -
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