Podcast: Episode 110: David Roche - the coach of the stars!

David Roche - Fastest Known Time
David Roche, Sheep Mountain Endurance Run

David, along with his wife Megan, is an excellent runner, and a renowned coach ... and is he also the most positive person in the world? We asked four of his clients what they thought!

"He is very high bandwidth -- making hundreds of runners feel like he's truly their personal coach."

"I'd say he's the most enthusiastically and eternally optimistic person there is when it comes to his athletes."

'He's a low-key savant. And a brilliant environmental lawyer on the side."

"David helps so many athletes see their potential successfully; it really is incredible. Only 6 days a week with a full on rest day for all his athletes, which is far less intensity than I've seen; it is incredible how successful his program is."

What are David's thoughts on 'rest' versus 'volume'?  (You'll be surprised).

And finally: 

"His perspective and aerial view on life and the world is cosmic. Sometimes I think he's living in the year 2500 and his 2020 avatar is just trying to correct all of our dumbass mistakes we're making today."

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Love the positive attitude and encouragement!  Y'all got me to run some uphill strides while listening to this podcast during a run... so thank you  :)