Podcast: Episode 114: Oldies but Goodies: Four Great Highlights


Four short highlights from Season One you may have missed or need to hear again.  The best 10 minutes from each!

Episode 1:  Tony Krupicka on the Longs Peak Duathlon (our most listened-to podcast ever).  Free-soloing is all about "how you feel".

"Sometimes being successful means just getting back to the car. Alive.”

Episode 2: Karel Sabbe crushes the FKT on the Appalachian Trail.  How did he beat the best ultra-runners in the country by FOUR DAYS?

"I learned it was far better to start very early and get the miles done, rather than struggle in late and tired."

Episode 10:  Heather Anderson is the first women to do the Calendar Triple Crown of Hiking.  She once held the Overall Self-Supported FKTs for the AT, the PCT, and the Arizona Trail, simultaneously.

"I wanted to relinquish control, let go and let it unfold.  It was an area of growth for me.”

Episode 13:  Jim Walmsley and two friends swim across the Colorado River.  The R2R2R.alt has become epic for combining adventure and beauty.

"It's really aesthetic, because the Bass is the only trail other than the Kaibab that goes completely from one Rim to the other, with the only catch being, there is no bridge across the River..."

This Episode is a tight 45 minutes of the best advice from the best FKTers.

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