Podcast: Episode 116: Your Gear Questions Answered

Andrew Skurka & Mary Cochenour - Fastest Known Time

YOU asked, and the experts answered!  These are just some of the questions from our listeners - - -

What type of sun protection is best?

"I'm a fan of covering up" - Mary

"A hooded shirt is the way to go" - Andrew

Is "Sunscreen the New Margarine?" - Buzz

How much of a difference do trekking poles make and how to know when to use them?

"Poles are standard equipment. Like wearing a shirt." - Andrew

"They can be difficult in technical terrain" - Mary

"The Black Diamond 'Z-folding' running pole was a game-changer" - Andrew  

For those long efforts, how best to recharge my GPS watch, phone, etc?

"A 10,000 mAh battery pack is the sweet spot" - Andrew

"You can get 3 phone charges from an Anker" - Mary

"Solar power is great, but has a terrible weight/power ratio for this purpose" - Buzz

What socks and gloves do you prefer during winter time?

"The RBH Designs mitten is expensive, but it's the best" - Andrew

Andy: What’s the single 'must-have but they might not know about it' piece of gear?

"I tested a Zoleo this year - this PLB is designed to be paired with your phone, so is lighter than a Garmin or SPOT"

Mary: What bit of gear has impressed you the most?

"The Gaia GPS app! We just added Snotel sites as a map overlay."

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Full CV

Andrew Skurka

Mary Cochenour

  • Age: "I'm right between you and Andrew Skurka - you do the math."
  • Residence: Helena, Montana and spending half my time in Big Sky. 
  • Family: Husband Matt, and two kids ages 12 and 10 who are awesome outdoor athletes. 
  • Occupation - - -
    • Content Manager at Gaia GPS including the Out and Back podcast. 
    • Backpacking guide for Andrew Skurka Adventures.
  • Sports Highlights - - - 
    • Currently focused on skiing in all its forms from resort to nordic to backcountry.
    • A lot of mountain biking.
    • I've backpacked and kayaked all over the west, and a little bit in Chile and Costa Rica.
    • My background is whitewater kayaking, sea kayaking, rafting, windsurfing, climbing.
    • Former Grand Canyon River guide, pro ski patroller, and a wilderness ranger. 
    • Scary podcast episode where I tell about being stalked by a man in the wilderness for a summer. 
  • Social Media - - - 
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