Podcast: Episode 117: FKTOY NA Preview - with Hillary Allen and Alex Bond

End of Year

There were 2,784 FKTs set in North America in 2020 - yikes!  How do we sort them out, and find the coolest ones?  Hillary and Alex are here to help.

"Women set FKTs this year that were the fastest Overall - Hillary"

"There were 10 different FKTs on just the Wonderland Trail this year - Alex"

"Joey's Unsupported time on Nolan's beat the Supported times of some of the best runners anywhere"

"Kelly is not a big racer, so I don't think people recognize how strong of an athlete she is"

Definitely read the Nominations List on the website, and post your own thoughts.

The next two podcasts on Jan 1 and Jan 8 will announce the North American winners. Then we launch the FKTOY Award in Europe!

FKT of the Year 2020 NA is presented by The North Face 

Full CV

Hillary Allen

Alex Bond

  • Age: 33
  • Residence: born and raised in Seattle, WA
  • Occupation: Political consultant (I know, and I apologize)
  • Family: Just me and a cat 
  • Sports Highlights - - -
    • I won two state championships in powerlifting a decade ago but eventually decided that getting my exercise outdoors would be more fun. Since then I've been tromping around Washington state, sometimes hiking, sometimes running, sometimes mountaineering or rock climbing. Now I have too much fun dabbling in a little bit of everything to get very good at any one thing. 
  • Social Media - - -

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