Podcast: Episode 128: Brittany Charboneau: From the Olympic Marathon Trials to setting FKTs (in the same year)


"Super fast" describes Brittany - she ran a 2:33 at the Olympic Trials Marathon for 13th place - but she had never set foot on a trail. Since then she won the Pikes Peak Marathon and last month set the Course Record at Moab Red Hot.

"I had this stigma about trail runners in my head, like they all were burly with beards.  And there were wild animals out there."

"But then Covid hit, so no races. And someone said, 'Why not try an FKT'?  I had never heard of an FKT."

Now she has set three, making a VERY quick transition!

"My coach said I needed to learn to power-hike.  I said, 'Why would I do that? I'm just going to run everything.'  Then going up Shadow Canyon the boulders were as tall as your face ... now I listen to what my coach says!"

"Trails have been everything I needed. You're part of a way bigger picture. Trail runners are my people."

This podcast was recorded on International Women's Day, with Hillary Allen as the Host - good job Hillary!

"A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change. So let's all choose to challenge." - IWD 2021

Full CV

Brittany Charboneau

  • Age: 32
  • City of Residence: Denver
  • Occupation: Professional Trail & Road Runner, Youth & Adult Running Coach
  • Family: Live with my husband Justin ("The Jusband") and our two cats
  • Sports Highlights - Trail - - 
    • 2021 Moab Red Hot 33k, 2:18:49, Winner & Course Record Holder 
    • 2020 USATF Trail Marathon Championships, 3:42:27, 2nd Place 
    • 2020 Pike's Peak Marathon, 4:25:12, Winner, 10th Fastest in History 
    • Boulder Skyline Traverse FKT, 3:18:14, 9/21/2020 
    • Maroon Bells 4-Pass Loop FKT, 5:18:02, 8/5/2020
    • 2020 FKT of the Year Nominee
    • 2020 Silverton Alpine Marathon, 3:35:30, Winner, Course Record by 39:15 
    • Mt. Bierstadt FKT, 56:48, 7/2/2020 
    • 2019 Leadville Heavy Half, 1:54:49, Winner (Trail Debut)
  • Sports Highlights - Road - - 
    • 2020 Olympic Trials Marathon, 2:33:14, 13th Overall Finisher 
    • 2019 Marine Corps Marathon, 2:44:32, Winner 
    • 2019 NYC Half Marathon, 1:13:38, 12th Female - 6th American 
    • 2018 TCS NYC Marathon, 2:36:34, 17th Female- 10th American 
    • 2018 Los Angeles Marathon, 2:36:25, 6th Female- 2nd American 
    • 2017 Denver's Colfax Marathon, 2:52:50, Winner & Course Record Holder
  • Social Media - -
    • Strava: strava.com/athletes/brittany_charboneau
    • ‘Gram: @funnyrunner26.2
    • Website: thefunnyrunner.com;  mercuriarunning.com 
  • Other - -

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