Podcast: Episode 135: Hillary Allen - "Out and Back" - your podcast co-host has a new book!


Hillary is a podcast host (this one and two others), North Face athlete, gravel bike racer, scientist, and now a book author - this is a good conversation!

"I don't recommend falling off a 150' cliff, but everyone has a place where they can grow."

Hillary almost died while running the Tromsø Skyrace in Norway in 2017.  It was a hard road back.  She learned a lot and describes this process with total honesty and authenticity.

"I had to accept the darkness. And not let it hold me back from the PT work. For months, months on end."

PURCHASE the BOOK HERE!  It's a good one.

May 7th:  Live Chat, Women’s Running Magazine Book Club – Virtual Event, 6pm MST

"There are a few rules in life, and 'Never huck anything' is one I'm following now!"


Full CV

Hillary Allen

  • Age: 32
  • City: Boulder, Colorado
  • Occupation: Athlete, Author, Scientist
  • Education: Masters in Neuroscience and Physiology
  • Sports Highlights - - -
    • 2019 1st place TNF endurance challenge Chile 80km
    • 2019 2nd place TDS 145km
    • 2019 2nd place Tromsø VK
    • 2019 1st place Cortina Trail 48km 
    • 2018 1st place Cortina Trail 48km and CR
    • 2017 2nd place world Sky running series 
    • 2016 2nd place world Sky running series 
    • 2015 Speedgoat 50km 1st and CR
    • 2014 US sky runner series champion
  • Social Media - - -
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