Podcast: Episode 147: Mick and Mike: Regional Editors tell us the Best Routes in the UK


There are 490 FKT Routes in the UK - get the insider scoop on them - Our two Regional Editors from the UK tell us what is new and cool, and then walk us through some classic FKT routes.

"1,051 FKTs have been reviewed and Approved in the UK in the last 12 months - that's 3 per day - it's been really busy!"

These are all really long, super hard efforts - many of these are multi-day, and some have over 100,000' of Elevation Gain.  Why is that?  

"Really good runners are looking for good adventures!"  

"Because on the other hand, we have hundreds of fell races that people do all the time.  Many take place mid-week: you show up on a Thursday at 7pm, pay 2 Pounds, run up the local fell and back, have a beer, and socialize with your friends.  It's great!"

"And these Classic FKT Routes are all very competitive, in spite of their length and difficulty.  Many of the best runners have a go every year.  But the Grand Round (all 3 of the Big Rounds, back-back, self-powered) is not a classic because it's not competitive - only John Kelly has done it!"

See this accompanying Article - a listing of the Classic FKT Routes in the United Kingdom.

Route mentioned in podcast: 156 mile long distance walking route and separate 185 mile long distance cycle network route (NCN 780), with over 10 islands 6 causeways and 2 ferries - the Hebridean Way is one EPIC adventure!

Full CV

Mike Jones

Mick Pini

  • Age: 48 (feel like 28)
  • City: Hook, Hampshire, UK
  • Occupation: Marketing Communications Writer, Regional Editor FKTs
  • Family: Long-suffering partner who is very supportive
  • Sports Highlights - - -
    • Set a new 1,500m record on the track at secondary school 
    • Have won a few small marathon and ultra marathon podium places
    • Help out with coaching at my local running club.
  • Social Media - - -
    • Strava: Mike Pini
    • Instagram: marathon_monkey
    • Facebook: Mike Pini (photo with two howler monkeys)

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