Podcast: Episode 150: David Bone: 89 FKTs, all in the UK!


89 FKTs is a lot!  And 51 of them have been in 2021, including sometimes 2 in one day.  I presume this is intentional?

"I used to race more, but the pandemic caused me to focus on where I live.  And we have a huge history here - some of these routes go back hundreds of years."

"It's always about the journey, not the goal.  But FKTs are great - this has provided the structure for me to learn and explore in my own surroundings."

We discuss how new Routes are Approved (it's subjective).  And we discover that I once (or twice?) dis-allowed a new Route David had Submitted - dang - I'm called out on my own podcast!

David has interesting stories and a great perspective on discovering FKTs in the United Kingdom:

"It's like "brutalism" - on one hand it looks ugly and un-loved, but there is so much there."

"This one route was an absolutely wonderful find - there as a huge amount of crazy graffiti and old architecture in an industrial section of old London, including a boat being used as a sauna - you wouldn't find this if you didn't know about it."

"You don't need to "win" - there's great richness in the stories people are sharing, the logistics and the techniques of FKTs."

"More people need to find out about these things."

Long Distance Walkers Association of United Kingdom, with an exhaustive list of long paths.

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Bravo to the man who will no doubt be the second to 100 FKTs and no doubt surpass me very soon as the "man with the most FKTs" 

Fun to tune into the FKT world over the pond!

Thank you David for undying stoke and thank you FKT podcast for telling this story!