Podcast: Episode 162: Drew Frehs: Everything you need to know to run R2R2R X2 across the Grand Canyon


On October 18, Drew ran back and forth across the Grand Canyon 4 times (R2R2R2R2R).  It was his third try, so he learned some things!  Which he shares with you ...

"They start turning off the water when the weather gets cold. So there's a narrow window when most people try this. I did the first R2R2R at night, so the warm sun made starting the second lap easier." 

This route was 83 miles, with 22,000' of vert.  And unlike running in the mountains, to finish it off, you have to run almost 5,000' back UP!

"Your quads must be preserved. The "box" is good running, so you'll lose big chunks of time if you're already beat up by then."

Drew loves the Grand Canyon, and it shows.  Even though it's not always easy, as he describes one trail in the western section:

"You can hardly see the trail. My lower legs were shredded. If I were to do that route again, I'd put KT Tape all over my shins in advance."

Further Information:

Excellent full Trip Report here.
Grand Obsession: Harvey Butchart and the Exploration of Grand Canyon ("Harvey makes the rest of us look like wimps" - BB)
Over The Edge: Death in Grand Canyon ("A little morbid, but very good reading" - Drew)

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Drew used their cool-weather kit for his night-time start, and their super-light gear for the rest of his FKT - check it out here.

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Full CV

Drew Frehs

  • Age: 34
  • City: Flagstaff, Arizona 
  • Occupation: Pizzaiolo at Pizzicletta 
  • Sports Highlights - - -
    • FKT on the Grand Canyon 4X (4 crossings)
    • 1st Coldwater Rumble 100 mile 2020
    • 1st Steep Camp 24 Hour (23,580 ft) 2019
    • 1st Copper Corridor 50k 2021
    • 1st Silverton Alpine Marathon 2019
    • 3rd Ouray 50 mile 2019
    • 9th Cocodona 250 2021
  • Social Media - - -
    • Strava: @ Drew Frehs
    • ‘Gram: @singingcoyotes
    • Twitter: no
    • FB: no
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