Podcast: Episode 165: Jack Kuenzle: A Regional Editor (and multiple FKT holder) dishes on what's real


Jack is a Regional Editor for fastestknowntime.com - he volunteers his time to process your FKT submissions.

And he is young, fast, knowledgable, and passionate.  Don't miss this view of our sport from behind the curtain!

"I think the FKT scene is where the elite runners should be.  Races are fine, but the courses are not - we can't get permits to hold races on our best terrain.  But with an FKT, you can race up the best mountains and the best routes in the country."

"You don't have to go to Europe to run up mountains. With FKTs, you choose the best course, on the optimal day, with good weather ... and it's all free!"

Jack has outstanding advice for FKT hopefuls:

  1. Be very efficient at aid stations
  2. Research the course conditions
  3. Scout the course many times in advance
  4. Choose the right footwear (cushion vs grip?)
  5. Nutrition ("sold on Maurtens")
  6. What Style is the competition? (instead of looking for the slowest style, do what the top people have also done)

He thinks the White Mountain 100 is under-appreciated:  its 34,000' of vert is the same as UTMB and Hardrock (which is almost twice that of WS100).  And it will never be a race - it's an FKT Route. 

This is a outstanding 10min video of the Hut Traverse that precisely illustrates what Jack describes.

Full CV

Jack Kuenzle

  • Age: 26
  • City: Roxbury, CT
  • Family: None 
  • Occupation: Coach for Uphill Athlete
  • Sports Highlights - - -
    • 14 FKTs, on some of the most competitive routes in the country
    • 2021: Great Range Traverse FKT, Presi FKT, Hut Traverse FKT, Devil’s Path FKT, Priest Three Ridges FKT, Attempt on the White Mountains 100 Miler FKT
    • 2020: Prenj’s 11 FKT (Bosnia), Hajducka Vrata FKT (Bosnia), Trebevic FKT (Bosnia), Pemi Unsupported FKT
    • 2019: Katcina Mosa 100K 1OA (Utah), Iron Mountain 50 mile 1OA (Virginia), Deadhorse 50 mile 2OA (Utah), Hellgate 100K 2OA (Virginia)
  • Social Media - - -
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