Podcast: Episode 168: Allie McLaughlin: She flies (literally). She's faster than you are. Did you know that?

Photos by Peter Maksimow


Allie Mac flies down the trails (USATF Trail Marathon Champion 2 years in a row) and in the air (300 skydiving jumps).  And did we mention riding dirt bikes?

"It was super technical. So I revved the engine, closed my eyes, and took off."

"I've gotten hurt way more times from running than from sky diving."

At the Moab Trail Marathon in November, her BASE-jumping friends were on the cliffs high above the course as she went by the halfway point.

"When I came out of Hunter Canyon, they could see me down below, and let out a 'ca-caw'.  I heard that and yelled a 'ca-caw' back.  It was echoing up and down the canyon.  Then they jumped."

"It was definitely a 'high on life' moment."

Allie formerly lifted weights, which might have helped her on the Manitou Incline FKT.

"I weighed 85 lbs and squatted 175."

She also has some tips for downhill running:

"You gotta remember to run. You just gotta send it."

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Photos by Peter Maksimow

Full CV
  • Age: 31
  • City: Colorado Springs
  • Occupation: Film Producer
  • Family: new puppy Harley
  • Sports Highlights - - -
    • 5th at 2009 NCAA Divison I XC as a freshman
    • FKT on the Manitou Incline (2010: 20:07)
    • 2014 National Mountain Running Champion
    • 2014 World Long Distance Mountain Running Champion
    • 2014 World Mountain Running Bronze Medalist
    • 5th at the 2017 World Mountain Running Championships
    • 2021 Pikes Peak Doubler (1st in Ascent, 2nd in Marathon)
    • 2021 Broken Arrow Triple Crowner (1st in VK, 1st in 50K, 8th in 26K)
    • 2x US Trail Marathon Champion, Moab (2020, 2021).
  • Social Media - - - 

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