Podcast: Episode 18: FKTOY 2018 Awards, part one, with Hillary Allen and Joe Grant

End of Year

The Fastest Known Time of the Year Awards are back for the third year!

This special episode features amazing descriptions of the #5, #4, and #3 FKTs of the Year. Check out the FKTOY page for the who and what on these awards.

Adding to the fun is Hillary Allen as co-host, and an appearance by Joe Grant, who beautifully articulates what is meaningful about this sport.

"When you stop racing and you start dreaming, that's when the magic happens. And for me, that's what trail running and racing is all about." - Hillary

"My experience was raw, and profound to me. I was happy with the learning that occurred on the route, I was happy with the effort, I was happy with learning the route ... (It wasn't the 'number') … Yeah, so the number, there's something to it, but It's not the defining aspect of what makes this notable to me." - Joe

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