Podcast: Episode 183: Liz Derstine - Beasting East Coast FKTs


You’re in for a treat this week with not one but two AT record holders! Fresh off her Pinhoti Trail self-supported record, Liz “Mercury” Derstine sits down with host Heather “Anish” Anderson to talk all things record-breaking on the east coast. Liz delves into why she was more intimidated by the 348-mile Pinhoti Trail through Alabama and Georgia than by embarking on the entire Appalachian Trail. She dishes out the challenges she faced on the Pinhoti Trail, and how she managed to surmount them to break Katherine Baird’s self-supported record by three days.

And of course, these two AT queens trade notes from Liz’s supported AT record and Heather’s self-supported one. 

Get Liz’s full trip report for the Pinhoti Trail over at fastestknowntime.com. And keep up with Liz (@pinkfeathers) and Heather (@_wordsfromthewild_) on Instagram.

Piano music during the podcast was composed and produced by Liz herself! 


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