Podcast: Episode 191: Candice Burt: Finding the Right Distance For You


The Moab 240 starts today! As intrepid athletes embark on their multi-day journeys across the desert, catch up with the race director herself Candice Burt. Candice not only founded the Moab 240, she helped popularize the 200+ mile foot race distance.

On this episode of the FKT Podcast, Candice and host Heather Anderson chat all things ultra-ultra distance racing. They get into the vast disparities between the 100-mile and 200-mile race distance, and how each requires certain strategies and skill sets. Candice also dishes on her new 200-mle race in Arizona and why she’s so attracted to its particular desertscape.

With four Arizona Trail FKT attempts under her belt, Candice opens up about how her last attempt led to a revelation: striving for a time goal on that particular trail was not serving her.

“Once I got out there, I realized that the pressure of having a certain time goal took away the  from the experience,” Candice says. “The time wasn't as important to me as having the experience on the trail. So it was kind of a cool shift that I made. It made me less competitive, but it increased my joy of the whole experience.”

And she replays the dramatic ending to her last AZT record attempt, which involved saving someone’s life from a burning car.

Read up on Candice’s FKTs on fastestknowntime.com, keep up with her adventures on Instagram, and check out her iconic 200+ mile races on Destination Trail.

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