Podcast: Episode 205: Mike Wardian on Running Across Panama, the US, and Beyond


Running legend Mike Wardian joins the FKT Podcast to give the inside scoop on his recent FKT across Panama—and much more. Clocking in at nine hours even, his record doubles as the fastest run across any continent! From getting chased by dogs to running neck-in-neck with buses, Mike chronicles the glory and the gory of traversing this route highly trafficked…by vehicles. 

As evidenced by his Run Across Panama FKT, Wardian does not shy away from a physically, mentally, and logistically grueling challenge. Last summer, he ran across the US in just 62 days. He relives highlights from that trip on the podcast, including his celebratory 5K which he completed in just 18:42 the day after completing the 3,234-mile route. Mike’s efforts raised over $100,000 for World Vision, a non-profit that helps families gain access to clean drinking water.

An accomplished road and ultra runner who’s won marathons on all seven continents and numerous US championships, Mike also has 25 FKTs to his name. In this episode, he shares what draws him to FKT culture and certain routes around the world. Wardian’s stories are as epic as his accomplishments; this episode is not to be missed! 

Follow along with Mike's adventures on Instagram at @mikewardian and on his website www.mikewardian.com


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