Podcast: Episode 209: David Hedges: Achieving Life-Long Goal of Nolan’s 14 FKT at Age 25


While the trail running world fixated on the Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run in southwestern Colorado, David Hedges put down a performance for the ages a few hundred miles to the northwest in Colorado’s Sawatch Range.

At only age 25, David completed the largely off-trail open route across the fourteen 14,000-foot peaks in 39 hours, six minutes, and 40 seconds. It’s the fastest time ever recorded on this strenuous 100-ish mile route with about 40,000 feet of climbing.

David joins host Heather Anderson on the FKT Podcast to break down his prodigious effort. Discover how a kid growing up in Chicago grew fixated on mountain running and the Nolan’s 14 line specifically. Learn about his unconventional training, how he assembled a crew at the last minute, and the pivotal experience on the route in 2018 that put Nolan’s on his horizon. 

David chose to do Nolan’s in a supported style largely because Joey Campanelli’s unsupported FKT of 41 hours and 33 seconds is mind-blowingly impressive and daunting. While Joey’s time stands as the unsupported FKT, David officially bested Alex Nichols’ 2018 supported FKT of 46:41:00.

Check out David’s full Nolan’s recap on fastestknowntime.com. And follow along with his adventures on Instagram. 

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