Podcast: Episode 218: 2023 FKT of the Year with Karel Sabbe and Jenny Hoffman

End of Year

This week we’re thrilled to be joined by our two FKT athletes of 2023: Jenny Hoffman and Karel Sabbe. From not one but three Pacific Crest Trail records, to new FKTs on classics like Nolan’s 14 and the Paddy Buckley Round, to new mountaineering benchmarks on Denali and Mont Blanc, 2023 was one for the history books. (Or more specifically, the record boards on fastestknowntime.com.)

Our jury has voted, and this year Karel and Jenny were named FKT athletes of the year for their astonishing records on the Pacific Crest Trail and the Trans America run, respectively. 

A physics professor at Harvard University, Jenny ran the 3,000 miles from San Fransico to New York City in 47 days, 12 hours, and 35 minutes–shattering Sanda Villines’s previous record by eight days. Equally busy as a dentist in Belgium, Karel returned to the PCT after setting the supported record there in 2016 to reclaim his FKT. And he succeeded, smashing Timothy Olson’s record set in 2021 by over five days.

Several months out from their record-breaking performances, Jenny and Karel join host (and fellow FKT of the Year nominee Heather Anderson) on the FKT Podcast to discuss their records, how recovery has been going, and of course—what’s next. 

They discuss the similarities and differences on multi-week trail versus road efforts. All three lend insight into the importance of listening to the body after incredibly strenuous efforts. And they talk about the lessons they learned along the way. This episode is not to be missed!

You can follow along with Jenny and Karel’s adventures on Instagram, check out their in depth interviews from these records on episodes 215 and 213, and read more about their FKTs on fastestknowntime.com.

Congratulations to Jenny, Karel, all of our FKT of the Year nominees, and to everyone in the FKT community for another year of getting after it. Cheers to new adventures in 2024!

And last but not least, big thanks to Janji for supporting the podcast as we head into a new year. We’re proud to partner with this trail running apparel powerhouse, whose super durable apparel comes with a five-year run everywhere guarantee. (Not to mention, two percent of sales are donated to clean water programs in the places we run.) Head to janji.com and take 10 percent off with the code FKT.


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