Podcast: Episode 225: Callie Vinson: FKTs are for Every Body


In this week’s episode, host Heather Anderson is joined by ultrarunner and body positivity activist Callie Vinson to discuss her supported Maricopa Loop FKT. The Maricopa Loop is an urban trail system connecting all the major and municipal parks that ring the city of Phoenix, Arizona. Despite its accessibility, it is chock full of wild and remote trails and hits many incredible viewpoints along the way.

Vinson shares her journey from someone who struggled to walk a mile a decade ago to losing 200 pounds and becoming the person who ran this 240 mile route in just over 4 days. Callie and Heather chat about a wide range of topics ranging from sleep-deprivation induced hallucinations to awkward conversations that happen when you’re jogging without a baby in your jogging stroller. Callie also talks about the importance of the trail running community to her and how her “open-call” method of arranging for crew and pacers led to a fantastic experience and new friendships.

Drop in and be inspired!

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