Podcast: Episode 23: Matt Lefort describes the FKT scene in Europe

Matt Lefort is a native of France, who 10 years ago moved to Andorra, a mountainous principality in the Pyrenees between Spain and France.  He is the Race Director of the Els 2900, and an active mountain runner and skimo athlete. 

Matt describes how the Euro style is different than the US: the classic routes start on the stone steps of a church, go to the top of the mountain, turn around and come back to the same village.  Everything is steeper and more technical; instead of trotting though the woods for days or weeks, FKTs in Europe are part of their centuries-old mountain culture.

"The origin of the FKT in Europe is all about getting up and down the mountain."

Lastly, Matt gives us a hint on the Fastest Known Time of the Year Awards for Europe - voting has finished; Matt will announce the Results next week.



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