Podcast: Episode 25: FKTOY-EU Awards, Part 2, with Kilian Jornet and Matt Lefort

FKT Podcast: Kilian Jornet. Photo: Matti Bernitz/Lymbus

FKTOY-EU wraps with an exclusive, 30 minute interview with Kilian Jornet.  Besides being the best mountain runner of his generation, Kilian is an extremely thoughtful and knowledgable student of the sport:

"We think trail running is a new sport, but we cannot be more wrong about that".

Find out the #1 FKTOY's for Europe, and listen to his first-hand descriptions:

"It was insane - she was in crazy good shape. Coming from Norway, from sea level, she was like, flying up to the summit".


Photo: Matti Bernitz/Lymbus

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