Podcast: Episode 27: Mike Wardian - Israel National Trail

Photo by Ian Corless

Mike completely disrupts the long-distance paradigm - instead of 1-2 Marathons a year, he might do that many in a single weekend.  He has run 107 ultra’s in the last 11 years, and most of them fast - his Marathon PR is 2:17:49. And he just completed the Israel National Trail - 1,016km in 10 days, 16 hours, 36 minutes.

“I’ve been inspired by this FKT movement … I think there’s freedom with it … and there’s so much opportunity to engage the community.”

The “INT” runs South-North, crossing the entire country of Israel, and is modeled after the Appalachian Trail.  Mike was tracked on this website, and offered great insights during our discussion:

“That’s the power of these things … they bring you to your limits, and that’s what I was looking for.”

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Love it, Mike! 

Thanks for big time inspiration! 

I agree! So much space for engagement and creativity...and exploring for the classic lines of our known spaces! 


Keep killing it Fastest Known Community! 



Always love to hear from Mike and his outrageous feats and inhuman event schedule!  Having visited Israel, this lates FKT of Mike's holds lots of interest!