Podcast: Episode 30: Jared Campbell - The Sleep Deprivation King

FKT Podcast - Episode 30 - Jared Campbell

Jared Campbell is the sleep deprivation king. He has the most Barkley Marathons finishes (3); he has 10 Hardrock 100 finishes including a win; he's the holder of many original FKTs; he founded Running Up For Air and he's rrreally into "speed canyoneering"... wait, what?

Finally, he's a "runner's runner." He's basically not on social media or sponsored - instead he's the lead engineer in a full-time job and a devoted family man with a wife and two daughters. How does someone like this push his body and mind to such extreme places, especially related to the Barkley which is as close to an FKT as a race can get? He asks himself:

"Is my mind in the right place? Is my commitment there? Over the years I've developed a sense for 'yes, I have my mind in the right place for that amount of time,' whether it's 20 or 30 hours or more."

Want more? Check out this video Jared posted in 2011.

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"3 Barkley finishes"...nuff said

Buzz makes a little joke about having completed the "Washington 14ers" presumably because the only one is Mt Rainier. I recently discovered that if you use the 300ft prominence cutoff commonly used, that the crater summit of Mt Rainier isn't the only 14er in the state. The nearby Liberty Cap would count as a second peak, though on the same mountain. Not sure how many people have actually bothered to do both.