Podcast: Episode 33: Karl Meltzer - Winningest 100 mile runner on earth

FKT Podcast - Karl Meltzer

The "Speedgoat" has won 40 hundred mile trail races, including one every year 18 years in a row.  

"I do want to win my 19th in a row, but at some point it's all going to end ... is that time now"?

Listen to Karl's thoughtful and honest comments, what it means to be slowing down, his descriptions of the Appalachian Trail, and ... his next project:

"I'm going out there this summer and scout it ... I was looking at the FKT site, and noticed the Self-Supported time is doable ... I may be an old man, but I may be able to bridge that."

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Meltzer is truly an outlier!  But, his longevity keeps us all hoping that the same thing's in the cards for us!  Keep going Karl!