Podcast: Episode 40: Anna Frost and Jason Schlarb - Live from Outdoor Retailer in Denver

FKT Podcast - Anna Frost & Jason Schlarb

Very honest and insightful descriptions of what it takes to survive and thrive in the biggest events, from two of the best!

"100 miles is really hard, it’s a long way - we’re not running for our lives; it’s something we choose to do.  So what can we learn, how do we get through the dark places?"

"I hate it too - but it's a soul-searcher - but you need it in your life."

"FKTs are more personal; they are more likely to be for the right reasons."  

"Sometimes you can lose sight of why you race, but when it's your own personal FKT, if you're not really passionate about it, you won't even make it to the start."

This fun interview closes with advice on the coolest new places to go - China, Italy, Oman, South America, New Zealand.

"It's an opportunity to be really free." 

Interview Recorded at Outdoor Retailer

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