Podcast: Episode 49: Jason Hardrath - How to climb technical snow-covered volcanos, alone, at night

The Cascade Trifecta, then the Rainier Infinity Loop - Solo and Self-Supported - one week apart!  The Infinity Loop alone is 130 miles with 47,000' of elevation gain. How did he do it?

"I slept for 90 minutes the first night, to optimize my summit to start at first light. Then 21 minutes the second night - because I was too tired to move. It delivers full value".

"There's something that draws out the authenticity in people - there's a shared experience."

Jason has also developed a clever "van life" lifestyle, affording him a lot of mobility and free time, while at the same time is passionate about teaching Physical Education in school:

"I was always the kid who couldn't sit still".  


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Great to hear a podcast with Jason. I was waiting for one with all the FKT's you've crushing. You are an inspiration.  Keep it up!

Patrick, dude, thanks man! we are all just out here getting after the best we can imagine ourselves doing...I have found a groove here, it feels good to create and conquer by bringing years of skills/fitness together in the mountains :)