Podcast: Episode 50: Luke Nelson - What's so special about the WURL?

Luke Nelson - Fastest Known Podcast

Luke has FKTs on the Idaho 12ers (9 summits over 12,000'), and the Utah 13ers (17 over 13,000').  A few weeks ago he did the Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup, a gnarly but entirely logical Jared Campbell route ringing Little Cottonwood Canyon, starting directly above Salt Lake City.  

"The WURL is a fascinating route; it took several years for me to feel ready to even try it. I wanted to be able to move not only quickly through this terrain, but safely at the same time."

Luke is very conscious of the “Kilian Effect”:

"I’ve been very careful how I’ve talked about this - I don’t consider it a running route - it’s a mountain route.  If you’re an experienced trail runner, you might not have the skillset that’s appropriate to do this route."



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