Podcast: Episode 53: Katie Schide & Germain Grangier - Top Ten at UTMB with an FKT in New Hampshire

FKT Podcast - Katie Schide & Germain Grangier

Katie is from Maine; Germain from France - they both were Top Ten at UTMB, then went to New Hampshire for their passion project, the Hut to Hut Traverse - how does that all work?

They ran the whole Traverse together, with Katie 2 hours ahead of the previous Female FKT.

"I was on 'Croo' for 4 summers, and told Grangier how at the end of every summer we saw how fast we could go between the 8 Huts." - Katie

"The trails in the White Mountains were the most technical I've ever run - it's crazy; we were scrambling while below treeline - it's like a dance on rocks." - Grangier

What's the difference between US and Europe?

"In the US, someone might show up in crazy socks, while here, it looks like everyone just walked out of a sporting goods store." - Katie

"US runners are fast, because the College system with their scholarships and support increases speed, while here, we're better at steep and technical." - Germain

Their race on the French Riviera, requiring a partner, a via ferrata kit, and overnight camp:


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UTMB Report:


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