Podcast: Episode 55: Joey Campanelli - He can see the WURL route from his window - so he set the FKT

Joey Campanelli - FKT Podcast

The Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup encircles Little Cottonwood Canyon.  Joey lives IN Little Cottonwood Canyon!

"The Rustler Lodge is closed in the summer, so it's just 3 of taking care of 85 rooms. It's like 'The Shining'".

Joey spent 56 days going NOBO on the AT in 2014 for a new Self-Supported FKT, but he took one car ride to a hospital due to injury ... so he didn't claim it. He is not sponsored. He doesn't have a YouTube channel. He just lives the life.

"I ski the 'greatest snow on earth' every day in winter, and when it's gone, I run in the same mountains".

Joey's WURL Trip Report is worth a read:   https://joeycamps.blogspot.com/2019/09/and-i-think-to-myself-what-wonderful.html

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